Drag Universe; An Introduction

The time has finally come: The launch of Drag Universe! We’re excited to tell you more about our selves and why we started Drag Universe.

Who We Are

We are a group of people from Vancouver who do drag as a hobby. We’ve been doing it for quite some years and love to share our passion!

Why We Started Drag Universe

When we started, we had to find out a lot by our selves and learning from local drag queens. It was quite hard and expensive to find products as we used to drive around town to buy stuff from second hand store and expensive sex stores. We found navigating through all the websites and limited physical stores took a lot of time and money.

Our Goal

We want to give you a space where you can explore the drag star within you by providing you with helpful information, inspiration, and a big collection of drag products. Our goal is to make going in drag as easy as possible!

Who Do We Serve

We want to help you express yourself with the art of drag. No matter if it is your first time in drag or your 100th time. There is no limit on ways to express yourself. Wether you want to be a butch looking queen with a moustache or a perfect feminine-illusion queen, we at Drag Universe want to help you!

Why Our Business Model Works

Drag is known to be quite an expensive hobby. This might result in limitations on how much you can experiment and explore within the art of drag. Because we think experimentation is important, we try to keep the costs of our products as low as possible. We do this by cutting out a big part of the supply process and passing the savings directly onto you by sending you your products directly from the factory!

One Last Thing

We want Drag Universe to be your home base for drag. Let us guide you on the journey to become the drag queen star that you have within you!

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I am Jackie from Boise, Id. It is truly wonderful that people like yourself begin and have stores like this. I don’t perform but my love for drag began when I was only 17 and now in my 60’s I remain devoted to drag and always will. Thank you so much. Best, Jackie Wild.

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