Drag Universe

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

It depends on which country you live in. Here is a list of estimated shipping times per country:

United States: 14-25 days
United Kingdom: 21-30 days
Canada: 16-26 days
Australia: 13-20 days
The Netherlands: 12-24 days
South America: 20-35 days
Africa: 30-50 days
Other countries: Ask us

Where are Drag Universe products made?

Almost all of our products are made overseas. We carefully picked every manufacturer by looking at their quality standard and ethical working environment.

Can I return my items if they don’t fit?

Not happy with your product(s)? Bummer! We are happy to help you solve this problem. We offer a 14 days return and refund policy after you receive your item(s).

After contacting us about your refund inquiry, we will look into it and contact you within 48 hours regarding our decision. In most cases we want you to ship us back the item(s). The cost of shipping is often up to you to pay. After we receive the package, we will reimburse you the money on your credit card or other payment method. Simply contact us with the form below in order to get in contact with us regarding a refund inquiry.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to every country! Please note that shipping times to countries in Middle / South America and Africa can take up 50 days sometimes. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to look into the shipping times for your country!

Where is my package?

We are currently developing an automatic tracking system for our customers, but this is not yet complete. If you’d like to know where your items are after shipment, kindly send an email and include your order number or full name to admin@draguniverse.com and we will manually send you your tracking link(s)!

An item that I ordered has not arrived, where is it?

To cut out as much of the process costs as possible, we ship our products directly from our factories. Not every product is made in the same factory, and there is a change that they therefore got sent separately. This might result in yours items to arrive on different days. Please give it another couple days and your item(s) will arrive!

Do I have to pay a customs/import fee over products that I ordered?

The prices shown on our website don’t include any customs or import fees. This fee is up to you to pay as the fee is decided by the customs of your country. Often our products are below the customs/import threshold fee, but we can’t guarantee this.