Drag Lace Front Wig Sophia


Hand-tied lace front wig made out of premium synthetic heat resistant fiber. Perfect for teasing or styling.

Product type: Lace Front Wig
Hair Fiber: High Temperature Fiber
Hair Texture: Silky
Color: Black
Hair Pattern: Middle part with two braids and baby hairs
Stretched Hair Length: 20, 22 or 24 inches
Heat Resistant: Yes, but always be careful
Adjustable Straps: Yes
Combs: 3

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How to wash this wig:

  1. Detangle the knots carefully by using a wide tooth comb. Be sure to not pull or drag the fiber too hard as it may break or pull out.
  2. Fill a bowl with COLD water and mix in a capful of shampoo.
  3. Let the wig soak in the bowl with cold water for 5 minutes. Do not wring or squeeze the wig.
  4. Drain all the soapy water from the bowl and refill it with fresh COLD water so the soap gets removed from the wig. Set bowl aside.
  5. Put the wig on the side
  6. Apply conditioner directly to the wig, starting from the roots and stroking downwards.
  7. Leave the conditioner in the wig for 5 minutes.
  8. Immerse the wig in the bowl with the fresh cold water to get most of the conditioner out.
  9. Place the wig in a folded dry towel and pat it dry, making sure not to wring or squeeze it.
  10. Remove from towel and gently shake the wig to regain its style.
  11. Let it air dry on an object that lets the hair flow down naturally.
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 5 in
Items per Package

1 Piece Only

Cap Size

Average Size

Wigs Length


Color of Lace




Brand Name


Base Material

Swiss Lace


2x Twist Braids Wig

Can Be Permed


Material Grade

High Temperature Fiber


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